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Gladstone town houses

Max Frethey

Granny flat proposal ‘unlikely’ to affect Nelson’s density plans

Jul 03 2024

As Nelson overhauls its planning rules to cater for future population growth, a Government proposal to make it easier to build granny flats is receiving a mixed response. (…)


Timo Neubauer

We subsidise suburbia. But should we invest in affordable housing instead?

Jun 23 2024

OPINION: New Zealand housing is expensive and Nelson Tasman is one of the priciest markets in the country. (…)

Timo Neubauer

Tasman District Council needs to stop buy now pay later mentality

Apr 13 2024

OPINION: Tasman is a growing district. The way we provide for this growth has a significant impact on liveability, climate resilience and the economic sustainability of our district. (…)

Market hall

Katy Jones

Market Hall among city revitalisation ideas

Mar 30 2024

A covered market place was among several ideas proposed for Nelson CBD at summit aimed at revitalising the city centre.

The suggestion came out of Make/Shift Spaces What If (…)


Magdalena Garbarczyk

In with the old - making better use of our existing buildings

Mar 16 2024

OPINION: Adaptation over demolition, especially when it comes to larger civic and public buildings, offers many benefits, says Magdalena Garbarczyk. (…)

Max Frethey

Councils abandon plan aimed at encouraging townhouse builds

Mar 14 2024

The Councils disappointed a local architect who says that the wider regional benefits outweigh operational costs of such an entity. (…)

Timo Neubauer

Don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to emissions savings

Mar 14 2024

OPINION: Councils not only need to measure community emissions,they need to take responsibility for a large part of these, writes Timo Neubauer. (…)

Timo Neubauer

What Is The Future of Mapua?

Mar 01 2024

OPINION: I was looking forward to Tasman District Council’s Mapua Masterplan for Mapua. After the flawed piecemeal approach of the past, an integrated masterplan is just what the village needs to deal withthe various demands, growth prospects and the threats (…)

Timo Neubauer

Timo Neubauer

Unifying Our Councils Could achieve so much more than just saving money

Jan 31 2024

OPINION: I agree with the Mayor of Nelson, Dr Nick Smith, that we should consider amalgamating Nelson City and Tasman District Councils. Nelson’s urban economic area stretches from Wakefield (…)

Nelson Trafalgar Street

Timo Neubauer

How to turn Nelson's unhealthy doughnut into a nice bun

Nov 11 2023

OPINION: Retailers in Nelson’s city centre are struggling. There is stiff competition for the spending power of our region’s residents and visitors from car-focussed, easy-to-access Richmond mall. (…)


Timo Neubauer

Can we intensify Nelson without a design?

Oct 23 2023

OPINION: Plan Change 29 appears to divide Nelson in two camps: proponents of intensification, and those who are worried about the physical effects that such policy might have on established residential properties and the future look and feel of our town. (…)

Max Frethey

Local Architects offer alternative intensification views

Oct 11 2023

As residents contemplate the vision that Nelson City Council has released in its proposed intensification plan, local architects have put forward (…)

Anne Hardie

Community at the heart of development

Aug 23 2023

Developers play a key role in future urban development in the region, but a local architect says the community needs to change its view of housing and make that clear for developers to follow.

William Samuels says the (…)

Magdalena Garbarczyk​

The Nelson Pod Interview

Aug 02 2023

The threat of urban sprawl and bringing vibrancy back to the city.

An architect, academic, and innovator, Magdalena shares with Matt both her concerns about the impact of urban sprawl on Nelson and Tasman and the solutions to it.

Anne Hardie

Medium-density housing model debated

Jul 21 2023

A Tasman-based urban designer says the Nelson-Tasman region has one of the most unaffordable housing markets in the country and needs a better model for intensification similar to the two or three-storied neighbourhoods in Europe. (…)

Timo Neubauer

Motueka's tree removal exposes outdated, contradictory thinking, says urban designer

Jun 17 2023

OPINION: It is official: Waka Kotahi, New Zealand’s Transport Agency, is not acting “unreasonably” when it shows contempt for best practice, disregards its own design guidelines and destroys our towns’ and cities’ unique character in the name (…)

Urban designer Timo Neubauer

Catherine Hubbard

Cutting down motueka trees deemed "not unreasonable" by ombudsman

Jun 07 2023

A Tasman urban designer is disappointed with the Ombudsman’s decision that Waka Kotahi’s felling of 13 trees on Motueka’s High Street in 2021 was not “unreasonable”.

Timo Neubauer, who (…)

Perimeter block

Catherine Hubbard

No to 'sausage flats' as group urges quality housing intensification

Mar 13 2023

Backyard housing intensification is a dead end, a flash flooding risk and lacks green space or privacy, say a Nelson architect and an urban designer.

Urban designer Timo Neubauer and architect William Samuels, who (…)

Katy Jones

Housing plans make it impossible to meet carbon targets, groups say

Mar 11 2023

Climate groups are calling on the Environment Minister to investigate council housing plans they fear will put greenhouse gas (GHG) commitments beyond reach.

The groups said the Nelson City Council and Tasman (…)


Jan Heijs

Stormwater's inclusion in 3 Waters Reform will Worsen Flood Risks

Feb 03 2023

Bad planning is the root cause of the flooding we have seen, argues recently-retired water engineer Jan Heijs. Climate change just makes the consequences a lot worse.

OPINION: In the 2000s I was the three waters (…)

Skara Bohny

NCC roundup: Urban Development Agency

On Tuesday the urban development subcommittee heard from local architect and the Nelson Marlborough chair of Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects, William Samuels.

Samuels co-founded Nelson Tasman 2050 (…)

Jan Heijs

What is local democracy - why bother giving feedback?

OPINION (page 8): Last month there was a meeting in Mapua about a “Seaton Valley” development along Seaton Vallew Rd. A few months ago, many were anxious about the draft “Future development Strategy” (FDS) and the “Growth Plan Changes” in many of our local areas. Many (…)

William Samuels

Is it time for councils to be more active in shaping our cities?

Apr 09 2022

OPINION: In the face of unprecedented challenges we need bold, visionary policy from our local institutions, that not only sufficiently caters for our diverse housing needs but also ensures our towns and cities develop into vibrant, liveable spaces. (…)

Magdalena Garbarczyk​

Size matters when it comes to building your dream home

OPINION: As individual citizens who believe a radical change is needed in the way we design and live in our cities, it may feel daunting to realise that a lot of top-down decisions being made by government and local councils seem a world apart from (…)

Jan Heijs

Catering to our housing needs requires more than a cookie-cutter approach

Mar 31 2022

OPINION: What types of housing do we need in the future? Housing provisions should match the needs of the community; not what developers are keen to sell, which seems to be the (…)

timo neubauer

Reimagining our future needs a radical rethink

OPINION: Are you feeling the pinch at the pump? The dramatic petrol price increases following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlight New Zealand’s vulnerability and our dependence on imported hydrocarbons. The bad news: High petrol prices are here to stay. (…)

Magdalena Garbarczyk

The silent sprawl that's killing off our quality of life

OPINION: For as long as I can remember, my life in architectural education and practice has revolved around reflecting on the value of architecture.

Good design increases well-being, strengthens (…)

timo neubauer

Urban sprawl in Richmond South the last thing Tasman needs

OPINION: Last week Tasman District Council pressed the button on developing a structure plan for Richmond South and Hope, paving the way for up to 2000 new Berryfields-style homes – more low density greenfield (…)

Cherie Sivignon

Auditor-General and Ombudsman action urged over High St Motueka

An experienced urban designer is calling on the Office of the Auditor-General and the Ombudsman to investigate after a “catastrophic loss of streetscape value” in Motueka. (…)

Cherie Sivignon

Urban designer calls for flyover option to be driven out of Richmond plan

A flyover should not be considered as an option to help manage traffic in and around rapidly growing Richmond, says experienced urban designer (…)

Cherie Sivignon

Tree felling in Motueka sign of 'silo thinking from the 60s'

Mature street trees were a vital component of an attractive streetscape and created a safer pedestrian environment. They worked like gates, signposting the town centre and made the street appear narrower, which led to slower (…)