Who We Are

The Nelson Tasman region has potential to become Aotearoa New Zealand’s most vibrant and liveable region with the country’s smallest environmental footprint.

NelsonTasman2050 is an independent think tank of built environment professionals sketching pathways towards a better future. Our mission is to help create vibrant communities through advocating, promoting and supporting our transition to resilient, sustainable, affordable, equitable and community-focussed urban environments through Quality Intensification.

We work closely with local councils, the development community, media, academics and the general public.

We provide independent input on a wide range of local policy issues. From high level future development strategies to plan changes, from the housing crisis to the provision of affordable and varied housing options, and from the pitfalls of greenfield development to new concepts for revitalising our towns and villages, we are injecting new ideas into the conversation about the future of Nelson Tasman.

We are strictly non-partisan in our work and welcome an open exchange of views and ideas. All our work, ideas and links are freely available on our website and social media to be shared and discussed by the wider public.


is a Tasman-based urban designer and small business owner. His array of experience includes projects in Europe, the UK, Abu Dhabi as well as the Urban Design Framework for Auckland’s City Rail Link, potentially New Zealand’s largest investment in public transport in the last five decades.


is a director at Fineline Architecture, a Nelson-based practice focused on making architecture more inclusive, environmental and affordable. Magda has also been a lecturer and researcher and published research on environmental awareness strategies in education and practice. As a trained regenerative practitioner, she has been engaging in urban scale multi-disciplinary projects nationwide.


is an architect and director of a Nelson-based architectural practice. His practice explores alternative housing typologies and innovative approaches to achieving high quality, liveable and affordable environments. Amongst his areas of expertise is the design of compact well functioning homes.


is a civil engineer. Jan has worked in and for local government for more than 40 years in New Zealand and overseas. His main areas of expertise are related to stormwater and wastewater management, the effects on the environment and strategy development. As part of this, Jan has been involved in many multidisciplinary planning processes. Jan has also been a hearing commissioner.

our initiative is supported by


Let's work together to create sustainable transport solutions for Nelson.


is a Nelson based group that investigates issues of social equity and works for fairness in our community. Currently our main focus is housing affordability.

Mapua Action Group

We are Māpua residents who are keen to participate in planning decisions about the future of Māpua.

Nelson Tasman Climate Forum

Our aim is to get everyone in our climate change response waka paddling quickly in the same direction.

Zero Carbon Nelson Tasman

Zero Carbon Nelson Tasman is a growing group in the Nelson-Tasman area with a deep concern about the climate crisis. Our Vision: A safe climate, sustainable human communities and resilient ecosystems.

Whakatu Intellectual Capital Kohanga

Teall Crossen

Environmental Justice

Teall Crossen is an Environmental Legal & Policy Specialist. At the core of her work is a deep commitment to legal solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises.

Purpose Capital

The Purpose Capital Impact Fund is a collaboration between the New Zealand business, investment, and philanthropic sectors.

Architects Declare

seek to raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action amongst our clients and supply chains.

Ora Regeneration Aotearoa

is a purpose-driven urban regeneration company that specialises in shaping cities and creating resilient and prosperous communities.


Internationally celebrated for urban strategies which deliver strong community and mana whenua outcomes, revitalised centres, more jobs, richer housing choices and enhanced natural environments

Insight Economics

New Zealand’s leading economic experts on resource management, property development, and local infrastructure.

Coalition for more Homes

We are a group of citizens and organisations calling for more quality homes in the right places.

James Lunday Urban Design Ltd

History of working in the public policy industry and private sector. Skilled in urban planning, mixed-use, public realm, comprehensive planning and urban design.


exists to make design more equitable through holistic, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational thinking.